This website will be inactive until October 2018. All stock shown on the site will be available then. The manager is on sabbatical but can be contacted via email on the Contact page.


New Zealand Walnut has sent large consignments of walnut blanks and timber around the world. 

  • Shipping timber internationally requires the consignment to be fumigated in New Zealand, the shipping estimates below includes this cost.
  • Duty and other destination port charges are the responsibility of the purchaser.
  • Any volume of wood can be ordered,  1m3 is the minimum charged for sea freight.  A 1m3 box will contain approximately:
    • 136 Rifle blanks or
    • 165 Two piece blanks

Estimates in NZ dollars for 1m3.

To Australia        $850                       5 day transit time

To USA                 $940                       6 week transit time

To UK                    $1000                    8 week transit time


A 1.5m3 box of timber ready for shipment.


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