Welcome to New Zealand Walnut

Dear Customer – you can view, choose and purchase top quality English walnut gun blanks from this site.

  • We supply some of England’s best gun makers and the USA’s top custom gun makers.

  • These blanks are the culmination of 35 years of milling, drying and cutting English walnut throughout New Zealand.

  • All blanks have been air dried for a minimum of FIVE years.

  • All prices are quoted in New Zealand $.

Brian Kerr

Manager New Zealand Walnut

The Grades

Exhibition   The best of the best!
Grade 4        Excellent quality stock – great buying
Grade 3         These stocks are accurate with good figure and/or colour
Grade 2         Great value, all heart, some figure and/or colour
Grade 1          Great value, all heart wood, and accurately laid out
Grade 0         Excellent blanks with some white wood.  White wood is not ‘sap’ wood, it is as stable and hard as heart wood but without the colour.

Blank Options Available

Rifle Blanks:  Standard length 32-34″, larger target blanks, Mannlicher length blanks, and any custom size required.

Two Piece: Standard over and under blanks, straight hand, bag grip, Browning 22, and any other custom size required.

Refund/Return Policy

1)      If you are unsatisfied with a blank you have purchased you can return it for a refund or replacement.

2)     If when it is being carved a fault is discovered that cannot be repaired by an experienced stocker, this can be returned for a replacement or refund.


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