• Air Dried for 5 Years
  • Accurately laid out and cut blanks
  • Beautiful English Walnut


This website will be inactive until October 2018. All stock shown on the site will be available then. The manager is on sabbatical but can be contacted via email on the Contact page.

Welcome to New Zealand Walnut

Dear Customer – you can view, choose and purchase top quality English walnut gun blanks from this site.

  • We supply some of England’s best gun makers and the USA’s top custom gun makers.

  • These blanks are the culmination of 35 years of milling, drying and cutting English walnut throughout New Zealand.

  • All blanks have been air dried for a minimum of FIVE years.

  • All prices are quoted in New Zealand $.

Brian Kerr

Manager New Zealand Walnut

The Grades

Exhibition   The best of the best!
Grade 4        Excellent quality stock – great buying
Grade 3         These stocks are accurate with good figure and/or colour
Grade 2         Great value, all heart, some figure and/or colour
Grade 1          Great value, all heart wood, and accurately laid out
Grade 0         Excellent blanks with some white wood.  White wood is not ‘sap’ wood, it is as stable and hard as heart wood but without the colour.

Blank Options Available

Rifle Blanks:  Standard length 32-34″, larger target blanks, Mannlicher length blanks, and any custom size required.

Two Piece: Standard over and under blanks, straight hand, bag grip, Browning 22, and any other custom size required.

Refund/Return Policy

1)      If you are unsatisfied with a blank you have purchased you can return it for a refund or replacement.

2)     If when it is being carved a fault is discovered that cannot be repaired by an experienced stocker, this can be returned for a replacement or refund.


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